Metalistas LT quality policy

Metalistas’s quality policy centres on satisfying clients’ needs and expectations, and work is organized to ensure that the quality of what we produce meets the highest international standards.

That’s why in manufacturing we use only verified materials from recognized suppliers in Europe and around the world, continually enhance the qualifications of our specialists, review and continually improve processes, and seek new more rational ways to use productive resources. Within the company, quality is monitored from the time raw materials are received to the last stage of manufacturing. Walso organize production and manage waste in keeping with the strictest environmental requirements. 

Our certificates

We give special attention to quality control and involve all employees in the quality management process. Technical measurements in manufacturing are made using calibrated devices for measuring geometric, physical, and chemical quantities that are continually inspected and renewed. Supervision of welding work is performed by tested employees who hold IWE and VT2 certifications. Welders are certified according to the EN ISO 9606-1 (WPQ) standard. Welding is certified according to the principal standards: EN ISO 1090-2 EXC3 and EN ISO 3834-2And seam descriptions are certified under the EN ISO 15614-1 (WPS) standard.  

Conducting research

In performing certain chemical and physical analyses – magnetic particle (MT), ultrasonic (UT) and penetrant (PT) testing – we collaborate with independent scientific research labs and institutes. We stay in continual contact and consult with local scientific institutions.   

  • MPT Magnetic particle testing
  • UT Ultrasonic testing
  • PT Penetrant testing
Production quality control

The timber-construction spatial fastening devices that Metalistas produces have been awarded EC Certificates of Factory Production Control, as per European Technical Assessment (ETA) requirements. That allows the products to carry the CE mark.

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